LF CF RF | B/T: R / R | H/W: 6'0" / 187 | Age: 24

Nationality: ITA

Birthdate: 1999-09-17

Graduation Year: 2021

Current Team: Parmaclima

Primary Position(s):



Flix is the type of player that you see making a somersault follow-through after throwing the ball as hard as he can to get a runner out at home. Not only does he have a brick wall kind of physique but he’s fast and agile as well. He makes phenomenal, fearless diving plays in the field and is a great communicator with his teammates who trust his range and decisiveness to make plays in the gaps.

As a hitter, he combines brute strength with killer instinct and is fundamentally sound. He’s smart in the box and is great situationally – he’s not the guy who “tries to do too much,” he trusts his ability and rises to the occasion. He’s the epitome of a clutch player. You will never see doubt or fear behind his eyes – he’s unwaveringly confident in his preparation and buys into his approach. He plays loose and with intensity.

Flix is a passionate and respectful competitor. He comes to the field with enthusiasm and energy because there’s nowhere else he’d rather be. He’s a coach’s dream, detail-oriented, hard-working and loyal. He has the mind of a true gamer – he absorbs knowledge like a sponge and is invested in improving both physically and mentally. As a teammate, he’s easygoing, non-confrontational but assertive and supportive.

Flix suffered from a hip fracture in 2020 that resulted in a scrimmage from him rounding third base hard as his coach waved him home and then slipping and falling on wet grass as his coach abruptly signaled him to stop. Not only was this tragedy an extreme example of his discipline (as his reaction to command is quite literally a knee-jerk), but the months of rehabilitation and preparation following his surgery were examples of sheer resilience and grit. After missing the first month of the following season while still in recovery, he came back full force to put up a stat line of .363/.488/.480 through 23 games in 2021 and appeared in the U23 European Championships with Team Italia.

Baseball has already brought Flisi around the world, having played in the U15 World Cup in Mexico (2014), the U18 World Cup in Canada (2017), and being one of only 10 Italian players invited to the 2021 IABF Bay Area Collegiate Baseball Games, while being described as “one of the most promising Italian prospects” by the president of the Italian Baseball Softball Federation. (source: https://www.fibs.it/en/news/iabf-bay-area-collegiate-baseball-games-land-daniel-monti-scholarship-offer-at-sonoma-state-university)

His father was once a ballplayer himself and now owns his own groundskeeping company and coaches part-time. From when Flisi was born, the ballpark has always been his home. It’s where he’s in his absolute element.



  • Italian National Team


Athletic Goals

  • Play four years of college baseball
  • Get a college degree while also advancing my baseball career
  • Use as a stepping stone to pro ball in the US


Why do you want to play college baseball?

Flisi’s desire to play college baseball is driven by his inner competitor who is always looking for a challenge. He’s proven to be dominant in the Italian Baseball League and is interested in seeing how much farther he can go. He would ultimately love to seek a professional baseball career in America and feels that college is a great place to learn, develop himself and gain exposure. He also is enticed by the means and motivation that baseball will provide for him to continue his education. Knowing himself, he believes that his drive to earn a spot on the field will be what also keeps him in the classroom. He is looking forward to having baseball as an extra incentive for achieving good grades.

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- Cesare Astorri - Teammate and Former MiLB player


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Hitting Stats

2022 Parmaclima 12 33 10 13 7 0 0 10 4 9 0 0 .394 .474 .606