Verification Centers

As an international baseball prospect, it is vital that you get your data verified. Recruiters will not take you seriously until you do. We strongly encourage all of our members to get their data verified wherever they can, preferably with one of our partners. Baseball Prospects Overseas will continue to align with trusted verification agents internationally who have access to today’s leading technology for verifying a player’s abilities. These are baseball people who we trust implicitly through and through to provide non-bias reporting on our prospects.

Paderborn, Germany

Verification Agent: Alper Bozkurt

Alper has been heavily involved in the development of baseball youth in Europe—primarily Germany—dating back to 1998. Alper holds a Masters in Sports Science and is the Elite Youth Sports Coordinator for the Untouchables Paderborn (GER) and is the Assistant Coach for the U18 German National Team.

Contact Alper directly to arrange an appointment to get your data verified in Paderborn.

+49 160 90731426 /

Bonn, Germany

Verification Agent: Clemens Cichocki

Clemens is the current “Bundesstützpunkttrainer” with the Bonn Capitals of Germany, the “Landestrainer” for the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, and the Pitching Coach for the U18 German National Team.

The Austrian-born pitcher holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Science and was one of the first of his countrymen to play college baseball.

Contact Clemens directly to arrange an appointment to get your data verified in Bonn.

+49 176 879 35263 /

Data Verification

Rapsodo Pitching

Rapsodo is a pitch-tracking device that analyzes spin rate, velocity, movement, command, and provides the ability to break down mechanics. It provides immediate feedback on every pitch along with bullpen reports to analyze data from each training session.

Cost: €79

Locations: Bonn, Paderborn

Video on Rapsodo

Rapsodo Hitting

Get insight on how each batted ball would perform in a game with metrics like exit velocity, launch angle, distance, spin rate and more. Transform your batting practices into data-driven, interactive hitting sessions.

Cost: €79

Locations: Bonn

Video on Rapsodo Hitting

Blast Hitting

The foundation of Blast is providing the key performance indicator in your swing. The swings are broken into Pre-Impact and Post-Impact. The Pre-Swing provides the details of Swings Quality Scores, Swings Metrics, and Impact Metrics. The Post-Impact of Ball Fight displays the results of your swing. The combination of all the metrics creates the full picture of your swing with a helpful explanation. 

Cost: €49

Locations: Bonn, Paderborn

Video on Blast Baseball

Running Speed (20/40/60)

Accurate running speed measurements is a must for recruiters and there is no more accurate or reliable way than the one currently in Paderborn. Speeds are measured using laser shutters with an optical trigger.

Cost: €79

Locations: Paderborn

Radar Gun Reading

Velocity is measured using a Stalker Pro II Radar Gun.

Cost: €39

Locations: Bonn, Paderborn

Package Deals

Paderborn: Rapsodo Pitching, Blast Hitting, Running Speed, Radar Gun @ €199